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Procedure For Access, Mining and Verification of The NSR by Other Social Safety Nets Agencies

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Procedure For Access, Mining and Verification of The NSR by Other Social Safety Nets Agencies

With the NSR set up, the database of poor and vulnerable is available for mining by potential program beneficiaries. Any intervention agency that wishes to select potential beneficiaries from the NSR makes a formal request to NASSCO which must detail the location of the intervention and criteria for mining/selecting the beneficiaries, and be accompanied by the project brief, including its objective, funding sources, duration, etc. This could include an in-person briefing to NASSCO by the requesting entity to ensure that the requesting entity is willing to adhere to and sign an MOU on beneficiaries and data usage protocols.

Once the request is approved, a date is fixed for the head of the requesting agency to visit NASSCO for the mining exercise. Once mining is completed, the selected beneficiaries are tagged with the name of the agency or intervention for which they have been selected. The Head of NSR provides hard and soft copies of the beneficiary list to the requestor and the NASSCO SR. Operations and Oversight Manger, while keeping a hard copy in a file dedicated to that agency.

At the agency level, contact is established with the potential beneficiaries and any mismatch (i.e. if someone is deceased or has migrated after enumeration) is immediately reported to SOCU and NASSCO for update of the SSR/NSR and providing necessary replacements to the agency. On a half-yearly basis, NASSCO’s National Coordinator would forward to the World Bank information on the total number of beneficiaries under each intervention, based on monthly returns from respective SOCU Coordinators. This information would also be cross-referenced with periodic reports from third party monitors engaged.

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