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Household Information Update in the Nigeria Social Registry

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Household Information Update in the Nigeria Social Registry




National Social Register (NSR) is an information system that support the outreach, intake, registration, and determination of potential eligibility for one or more social programs. The NSR Provides gateway for people to register and be considered for potential inclusion in social programs. It contains information on all registrants whether or not they are deemed eligible for, or enrolled in, select social programs; and  supports registration and determination of potential eligibility for social programs.


2        Rationale

Household information is not static but dynamic with life cycle, exposure to risks and opportunities. Therefore, it is ideal for a registry data to be kept dynamic by constantly updating it in order to reflect demographic, spatial, social and economic mobility that characterized human.

3        Approach to household information updates in single registry

The social registry will adopt two approaches of updating household information in a social registry:

  1. Continuous partial information updates: this combines household on-demand information update and information sharing with SR users and administrative data. The type of update of household information within the NSR/SSR will go through the following approach:
    1. Single Registry users’ request for data update: users of single registry of PVHH (e.g. NCTO, PWF, S4J etc.) while receiving eligible households or individuals for their program by contractual obligation will be required to provide updates on households or individuals on their programs.
    2. Formal update request from household or individuals: This is an on-demand process initiated by a household or individual in the registry. This will require a combination of manual and electronic process. The approach will involve households and individuals approaching the community GRM Focal Person à LGA CDO à SOCU Head of Operation with a request for change in household/individual information, or directly approach the SOCU in each state with a request to update their information based on the requirement stated in the Table 1. The requester will provide requite evidence support for the required update.
    3. Data Exchange with administrative data: administrative data (NIMC, NIPSS, FIRS, etc).
  2. Full updates for reassessment of eligibility (poverty and vulnerability): The SOCU will embark on a periodic recertification exercise which will provide a full assessment and updates on inclusion and exclusion.


3.1      Social Registry User’s Request for Data Updates:

Users of the Social registry are required by obligation to collect and share relevant update information on household or individuals enrolled as beneficiaries of their programs who are taken from the NSR/SSR with the NASSCO/SOCU. Users can generate information updates from any of the following processes – sources of information:

  1. Enrollment of program beneficiaries: Up-to-date information
  2. Payment process:
  3. Beneficiaries verification exercise:
  4. Monitoring and supervision exercise:
  5. Spot-check:


  1. Update information should be collected and shared using the process map showed in Fig 1.
  2. Each request for update should clearly show the NSR number for referencing. The process should not alter the NSR reference number at any point.
  3. The update request should clearly follow the requirements stated in Table 1.
  4. Update request should be sent in an electronic format with evidence support in either hard or soft copies
  5. The originator of update request shall be a SSN intervention in this case.
  6. The request cycle shall not be more than a month from the day the request is submitted to a SOCU.
  7. There shall be an originator, reviewer and approval. In this case, the SSN intervention office is the originator, SOCU – reviewer and NASSCO – approval.

Please, download the full document by clicking the link below.

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