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Hyella EHR & ERP Africa's Healthcare EMR Solution

  • Telemedicine

    HYELLA Telemedicine module expands your reach as healthcare providers to service more patients effectively and simultaneously with innovative eHealth solutions.

  • HMO Reconciliation
  • Random Review 2

    There is another related problem that is latent in every template-driven program that is not present in HYELLA. The templates in other systems are subject to discovery and to use against the defending physician. Imagine how pleased a plaintiff’s attorney would be to find that a physician’s entire practice could be […]

  • Random Review

    “HYELLA has much greater utility and flexibility… than a template-driven program. In addition, HYELLA has another very valuable feature that you may not have considered: that is, enhanced legal protection for the busy practitioner. Good documentation is critical to properly defend a physician against a malpractice […]

  • Zankli Medical Centre

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