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Hyella Africa's Healthcare EMR Solution

  • Enterprise Resources Planning And Its Benefits To Health Care Facilities

    The popular saying of the year “you go explain tire, no evidence” should not be your fate as the year comes to a close. Preparing your audits and reports should be done seamlessly without much hassles, The Hyella  Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP)has been uniquely designed to make sure you explain with […]

  • Men’s Health Awareness Month

    The saying “health is wealth” should have a place in the “world book of health records “ , with good health comes no worry and discomfort.   What Is The Importance OF Men’s Health Awareness Month?   The month of November is tagged the “men’s health awareness month” 2023  as its aim is to promote

  • Saint Nicholas Hospital

    57 Campbell Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

  • Electronic Medical Record System in Nigeria – All You Need to Know

    The search for an electronic medical record system in Nigeria has significantly increased in the past year, especially among healthcare providers who are seeking improved service delivery and revenue.  Before digging deep, let’s clarify some things  – EMR, EHR and HMIS.    Difference between EMR, EHR and HMIS? […]

  • Most in-demand Healthcare Skills and Courses for Global Opportunities

    2023 in a bit, do you possess in-demand healthcare skills that will position you for global opportunities? As a sharp guy/lady, find out in-demand healthcare skills, courses and career paths that Nigerian healthcare professionals use to get great jobs abroad.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that […]